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Powerful Strategies to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google

Powerful Strategies to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google

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Every business struggles to the get to the top 10 Google rankings to ensure first page SERP position and maximum exposure and visibility to the target audiences. Here are some essential methodologies on how to get ranked top 10 on Google.

  1. Keyword Cost Calculation

The inaugural step on how to get ranked top 10 on Google, the marketing professionals need to conduct a competition research in your business niche market. This will help to find the most probable keywords you can afford and use for targeting the market. The Free SEO Cost Calculator Tool is useful for finding the number of links required and the total cost estimation that is necessary for beating the competition to gain inaugural market position.

This is a crucial step in helping the businesses to select the accurate niche and target keywords, the webmaster can afford to gain market success. The research part is important in saving money as targeting highly competitive keywords can be expensive and hard to afford for new and small businesses. For a more precise idea on keyword selection and important tips, you can follow the article- 7 Rules for Selecting the Best Keywords.

  1. Extensive Planning for Link Building

For every project, the key to success lies in conducting an elaborate and organized planning. Link building requires a precise plan that can be executed over the time. Missing the planning can be crucial and adversely affect your site position on Google. Having achieved success in helping, more than hundreds of businesses in gaining the top position on Google for the most target keywords implementing link-building plans our professionals are on their way to develop a free effective tool. This tool will help the business owners in making elaborate link building plan directed to reach the target audience considering several factors including accurate keywords, niche competition, market targeted, website and most importantly your budget. The Free SEO Cost Calculator helps you in articulating effective link building plan besides calculating the cost of the top ten keywords to target on Google.

  1. Link Building Process

Hasty link building can be harmful for your website. Once you have the link-building plan do not indulge in getting too many links on your site within a short duration. Everything should appear natural to Google to make the most out of your plan. The Free SEO Cost Calculator will help you to know how to get ranked top 10 on Google using a recommended link building speed. The SEO professionals advise the webmasters to build not more than 5 links in a single day so that the link building campaign looks natural to the web crawlers and analytics tracker. The webmasters can use the Automatic link building scheduler for the purpose. It is also recommended to start the process with low PR1-PR4 backlinks during the first two months and then gradually start approaching with higher PR5-PR7 backlinks and so on.

  1. Separate and Unique Keywords and Anchor Texts for Backlink Generation

Google devalues web pages with same anchor texts and repeated keywords in different sections of the landing pages. To gain optimum success with the backlink building, here are 4 easy rules that you can follow.

  1. The anchor texts should not be repetitive and look unique to the web crawlers. Use long tail keywords with the information of service area. For instance, if you are targeting SEO services in the Los Angeles area, then you can have different combinations for anchor text including- SEO service for Los Angeles, affordable SEO services, Los Angeles services for SEO, SEO in Los Angles and so on.

  2. Try to include your website URL in 25% of your anchors

  • Include 25% of the anchors with the domain name or brand name

  1. Target different synonyms or probable search terms in the business niche, different keywords in the service area to make your SEO campaign look natural like best SEO services, SEO link building etc

  1. Google Penguin 2.0 Synergic Affect

Your backlink profile should always appear natural to Google. For this, the anchor texts should include the name of the company or brand, website URL, different keywords, domain name etc. Always remember, the keywords in the anchor text should not be your main targeted keyword. Having accomplished these tasks first, you can in the advanced level use your targeted keyword as the anchor text to get optimum results with Google ranking also for several other keywords. This is effective for,

  • All previously used keywords in the backlinks

  • All the keywords contained in the content of your website

  • All semantic search oriented long tail keywords


Here are some rules to follow to get top results for your website:

  • Follow the strategy for naturally distributing the anchor text

  • Try to increase the website referring domains using permanent links

  • Always try to keep the link building program look natural and steady

  1. Incorporate Content Structuring Around the Links

Google values natural structuring of your links. If the links to the anchor texts are placed in between high quality website content, then the impact and impression will increase by several times. Let the contents flow naturally so that the words in the anchor text come in naturally rather than by forceful inclusion. This is one of the prime solutions on how to get ranked top 10 on Google. You can also use the target keyword in the contents, as it will further enhance the scope of link building. The anchor text can generally have 250 characters on either sides of the link. Therefore, you can use up to 500 characters for surrounding the anchor text.

  1. Backlinks Should Come from Various Google Page Ranks

The backlinks to your website should come from different web pages with different Google Page Ranks to look natural. Hence, majority of the links should come from PR0 to PR1 so that everything appears natural. You can have a maximum of 10% of the backlinks to the PR4 or higher pages. The websites with very high PR6 to PR10 should be linked to 1% of your backlinks. The websites already having links not complying the above stats can start building new links fresh to adjust the percentage distribution.

The SEO strategy on how to get ranked top 10 on Google is to keep trying and complying with the new Google updates. For enhanced success, it is essential to keep a pace with the currently applicable rules so that the website is not marked as spam rather the link distribution should flow naturally. Keep a strong content base on the website so that it supports the link building requirements to the best.

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Powerful Strategies to Get Ranked Top 10 on Google

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