Tuesday, 24 March 2015

4 Lessons in Serving Up Customer Success


4 Lessons in Serving Up Customer Success

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We recently launched a new and improved Oracle Marketing Cloud Success Program , a complimentary service-based offering, focused on enabling B2B and B2C marketers who use our products, the ability to assess and enhance their marketing performance.

The program is comprised of several services including: Modern Marketing Assessments, Success Planning, Facilitated Discussions and Applied Concept Tours. And in the spirit of true customer obsession, we thought we’d share some of the objectives of this program that you can apply to your customer enablement efforts and programs, regardless of your business model.

  1. Provide a platform for assessment – A sound Customer Success Program is built on a foundation that enables customers to assess themselves in ways that are meaningful to their businesses.. The Oracle Marketing Cloud Modern Marketing Assessment tool is focused on allowing marketers to measure their marketing maturity with a web-based assessment that guides them through a series of questions about their organization’s current approach to marketing. The assessment calculates the maturity level of a customer’s marketing practices and provides them with recommendations on how to get to the next level of maturity.

  2. Tailor offerings specific to supporting your customers’ success. It’s critical to offer customers a means of measuring the success of their efforts in terms relative to their activities and objectives, as well as a means of how to most appropriately move forward. The Oracle Marketing Cloud Success Planning service is a series of sessions that help our team learn about a customer’s business objectives and marketing priorities. Armed with that information and the results of their Modern Marketing Assessment, we provide customer’s with a tailored project plan that includes recommendations and action items for the next 6-18 months.

  3. Be resource-oriented. If knowledge is power, then a helpful Customer Success Program provides resources that hone in on the specific topics your customers need to know more about. Oracle Marketing Cloud Facilitated Discussions offer customers the opportunity to take part in interactive consultations with a Marketing Advisor to focus on their current marketing practices. Customers can choose from close to 40 topics. The sessions are delivered using an online consulting toolkit designed to guide the conversation. These hands-on exercises will help to apply the marketing practice to real world use cases. Check out our menu of topics!

  4. Provide help. Collecting information is helpful, but it can be challenging to implement those learnings into a solid course of action. Because it’s not always easy to implement a marketing practice, we’ve created Oracle Marketing Cloud Applied Concept Tours. These tours relate to the marketing practices covered in Facilitated Discussions. A Marketing Advisor will show a customer how to take action using their Oracle Marketing Cloud product so that they are better prepared to execute their plans.

All of our Customer Success services are centered on the declared needs and wants of our customers. You spoke and we listened!


To request any of these services, you can contact your account representative or take a look through our new online catalog to sign up!

Are there other tips you’d advise marketers to incorporate into their Customer Success programs?

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