Thursday, 26 March 2015

Case Study: Modern Marketing Meets Storytelling Comic Strips

Case Study: Modern Marketing Meets Storytelling Comic Strips

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Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Bill Schilling, B2B marketing director and marketing technologist at Imation, where he leads a revenue-focused digital marketing team responsible for integrating marketing automation with content, website, search, social media and CRM to grow new inquiries, leads and sales opportunities.

Have you ever read a Dilbert comic strip where you laugh, learn and share them with your colleagues? Dilbert creator, Scott Adams shares his top 10 favorite Dilbert strips here, including his all-time favorite below: “Unix Programmers”

Dilbert hilariously portrays corporate culture as a world of bureaucracy and office politics that that stand in the way of productivity, where employees’ skills and efforts are not rewarded and busy work is praised.

Similarly Imation is harnessing the power of storytelling comic strips with high impact messages that speak to our prospects in ways virtually now other medium can, and help them better evaluate the real-world benefits of our data storage solutions in their digital content workflows. This strategy inspires everything we do – from our campaign microsite, advertising and email to how we interact on social media and event.

Powered by Oracle

Dilbert is an engineer cartoon hero that deals with mismanagement in a micromanaged office in Silicon Valley. Our campaign features a Creative Professional audience battling data storage villains living within the digital content workflows in the Communications, Media and Entertainment (CME) industry.

Using Oracle Content Marketing and Eloqua, we’ve created a funny personalized adventure for our audience; it’s about portraying a slice of life (in our case, the work of a Creative Professional) and crafting an entertaining and memorable story (specifically how our Nexsan storage can help them overcome their storage challenges). Through our Nexsan product brand, Imation is a unique position to generate relevant, fun, compelling and highly buzz-worthy content and conversations among geeky and trendy Creative Pros.

Know Your Villains


The Clog- A gelatinous sludge with an unceasing passion for clogging your IT pipeline. Read more about The Clog and Follow The Clog

Deletus Maximus- A cut-throat data center warrior who’s main objective is to make your high-value data ‘no mas’. Read more about Deletus Maximus and Follow Deletus Maximus

Dr. Bloat-icon- A fiend for creating claustrophobic data centers. Read more about Dr. Bloaticon and Follow Dr. Bloaticon

Blending the Art and Science of B2B Modern Marketing

Scott Adam’s Dilbert series came to national prominence because it satirized the social and mental landscape white-collar workers during the downsizing period of the 1990s. Today, Imation’s comic strip campaign comes to life by dramatizing how CME professionals can rely on Nexsan storage to overcome storage challenges imposed by their storage archenemies. It also represents Imation’s first multichannel storytelling campaign that blends the art and science of B2B modern marketing.

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