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Growing Organic Traffic without Generating Content

Growing Organic Traffic without Generating Content

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It might be surprising to learn that most websites featuring on the first page of Google contain a minimum of 2000 words of text. This automatically implies that if one is interested in increasing his organic traffic then he needs to create a whole lot of content. However what happens when one’s site doesn’t have any content? Does it imply that he hasn’t got the faintest chance of a solid ranking on Google? Surely there is a way out. And fortunately there is a solution. Before learning the tricks of increasing organic traffic without generating content let’s start with dispelling the myth that one needs to create more content in order to make his organic traffic grow.

Does more content imply increased organic traffic?

Start by thinking about some of the best ranked websites. Which ones come to your mind first? Surely one would think about sites like Huffington Post, Wikipedia, Mashable or Daily Telegraph. The sole reason responsible for their success is the fact that they come with thousands of pages full of unique content. So speaking from a broader perspective, creation of more content would allow the search engines to locate more relevant keywords which in turn would boost the ranking of your site. If you check carefully you will be finding that on an average most web pages ranking on the first page of Google come with a minimum of 2,032 words. However if you take a look at the top 3 positions you will find that those websites have at least 2,400 words.

If you carefully study the keywords of these content rich sites then you will find that most of them tend to be long tailed keywords. According to Quick Sprout, more than 91% of their organic traffic is generated by using long tailed keywords. This is because of the fact that they write mostly marketing related content.

No need to get disheartened since even if you don’t create content you can still get your rankings up. Think of sites like Upworthy, they attract millions of visitors without producing hardly 100 words of contents on their page. Trying searching the phrase ‘unrealistic bodies’ on Google; you will find Upworthy on the first position in their ranking. The most incredible part is that the page with the term doesn’t contain more than 55 keywords. Now you might argue that ‘unrealistic bodies’ is not a commonly used search term, which it is not. But then Upworthy is contesting with more than nineteen million websites which also rank for the term. Therefore they are surely doing it the right way.

Moreover, it is not just the search term which is responsible for ranking. According to SEMrush, they can rank for more than 17,112 popular terms including Robin Williams Rosa Parks etc. Now you must be thinking that Upworthy is getting their share of organic traffic because of the fact that they still generate content. While they don’t create as much content as Wikipedia for example, they still create text based content to a certain degree which accounts for their high ranking.

Airbnb is another site generating millions of organic traffic every month for competitive keywords like ‘vacation rentals’. Take a look at the home page of Airbnb for instance; what is it that misses? Well it won’t take long to notice that their page lacks in content. Even if you check out the listing pages, the only content you can find is just brief descriptions and user reviews. This kind of user generated content might help in boosting their ranking but they surely don’t perform on the same level as the Airbnb generated content would have.

Always remember that Google can easily differentiate between user generated content and website generated content. Yet Airbnb ranks for long tailed terms like ‘Brookstone apartment in Central Park’. If you are looking for more well-ranked sites with little to no content then make sure to check out white pages. Just a glance at their site will convince you that their listing pages come with very negligible or zero content. Still they rank for competitive keywords like ‘people search’.


Can backlinks boost your ranking?

One factor which relates the sites like Airbnb, WhitePages and Upworthy is the fact they are endowed with lots of natural backlinks pointing to their sites. 120 search marketers were asked in a survey by Moz about their view on the most important aspect impacting the ranking of a site. The most popular answer was backlinks. 12 out of the top 25 factors affecting a site’s ranking is link related. Yet another factor which binds these sites is the fact that they have a lot of indexed webpages.

How to grow your organic traffic?

Just like the above mentioned sites you can also increase your number of organic visitors by doing the following:

  1. Building more pages : no matter if your pages are rich in content or not, you need to have more web pages. The more the pages, the better your chances of ranking for long tail terms.

  2. Making your pages count: If you want to avoid getting slapped with a Panda penalty because of your poor content, make sure to create valuable web pages like white pages has done. You can also choose to concentrate on user generated content which Yelp and Airbnb has done successfully.

  3. Getting Media Exposure: Press builds links and just a little mention on sites like New York Times would not only increase your traffic but also help build a backlink profile. You can take the help of a PR agency or make use of free services like HARO to enhance your media exposure.

  4. Being Proactive: Make sure to come up with new ways of building links whether by leveraging Quora or by making use of broken link building.

  5. Be Patient: when you are not into writing solid content, your traffic is not likely to shoot up quickly. Surely you can increase your organic traffic with time but don’t expect a miracle.

One can grow his organic traffic without creating content, the process might not be easy but it is achievable. Companies like IBM, Apple, Microsoft or Amazon gets millions of visitors each month and instead of focussing on blogging they channel their efforts in creating top notch products and services. So make sure to focus on building backlinks which is the best way of generating increased organic traffic.

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Growing Organic Traffic without Generating Content

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